Mia Porter

Mia Porter writes indie folkpop, based in Rotterdam. 
She was raised with the records of Tom Waits and Lou Reed, which reflects in her narrative songwriting and singing. Her music moves somewhere between the melodic folk a la Haley Heynderickx and Nick Drake, the experimental folkpop a la Big Thief and Aldous Harding and the dark storytelling of Nick Cave and Timber Timbre.

Under the name St. Maane she won in 2017 De Grote Prijs van Rotterdam – “Fascinating combination of dark poetry and an intimate voice.” – Jury Grote Prijs (translated from Dutch)
In the fall of 2018 she toured through the Netherlands (Popronde) and Sicily. In the spring of 2019 she released a live video of the single Julia on The Daily Indie.“ A song full of intoxicating lyrics and Fleet Foxes-like scales, climbing up to a point where you can just catch a glimpse of heavenly shimmering.” – The Daily Indie (translated from Dutch)

Currently recording her debut album.

For fans of Aldous Harding, Big Thief, Haley Heynderickx, Michelle Gurevich.